Realty4Rehab is a  “grassroots effort” to bring relief to those who suffer from addiction and attempt to rid our community of drugs.


It  was only a vision I had until May of  2014. I am a single mom Realtor, not rich with money, but very rich when it comes to compassion for people. I mentioned my idea  of how  I thought we could help to end the drug crisis to my broker, and when he told me to “Lock it Down – It Works”, I didn’t even know what he meant by “Lock It Down”. My life changed in a day. Someone else, believed my plan would work. That was all I needed to hear.


Watching and listening to clients, friends and family  being devastated by what started out as a prescription, now turning their lives upside down with the ugly word “addicted”. Many have been led down a path they can not recover from alone, I was bothered by this enough to try to make a difference. My plan, giving  33% of my commissions to Drug Recovery Efforts. I would let the buyer or seller choose a Rehabilitation Center to support, using 50% of the funds. If they knew someone that  needed help we could arrange it so that they would be sponsored into Rehab. Checks would be written at the closing table. It would  not cost the buyer or seller anything to help save a life and start drastic measures regarding cleaning up our communities.


It’s time we stand up and take serious action- It’s in our middle schools, high schools etc, and kids are dying like crazy across the United States. Peer Pressure – One misguided attempt to please others, is leading to complete devastation for so many people. Let’s all stand up together, and try to make it stop.


If you are buying or selling real estate, please register your property with Realty4Rehab, I will send the appropriate addendum to a realtor in your area, that will insure that someone will get help for addiction, through your purchase or sale transaction. One closing at a time, we will begin to make a dent in this terrible disease.


Thank you for caring,


Jennifer Bryant Hodge, Century 21 Results Realty Services


Founder- Realty4Rehab


“The number of deaths due to drug overdoses in is currently 1 every 14 minutes.”