How it works…


Our first step, is to get help for those that are addicted and do not have the funds for Recovery. If we don’t do this first, the crazy merry-go-round will never stop. Pretty soon, it will be our middle school children we are losing. To leave someone out for help, means leaving them in the community to further spread this awful disease. Meaning that we have to put some big money behind it. I have stepped outside of my box to say I am willing to do what it takes, meaning that  I will work for less money to help put an end to this crisis. Was it scary to commit to 33% ? YES.  Is it worth it? YES. If my actions save one person I’d say it is completely worth it.


If you are moving and first Register with R4R , we will assist you in finding the most compassionate and fantastic realtors & agents in the business to ask them to join us in an effort to eradicate drugs in their community


Buyers or sellers have a choice of whom they would like to sponsor in recovery or what rehabilitation facility they would like to receive help from R4R. Checks will be written at the closing table and a feeling of compassion will be spread throughout.